About Us

Here at All Things Wooden Beautiful, we are self-confessed 'Woodaholics'.

Our aim is to combine the enjoyment and appreciation of wood in all its beauty with the function of household ornament. Why choose between function and beauty?

All our products are uniquely designed by us, hand crafted and finished with an eye for detail. The wood we use is sourced either from washed up driftwood, recycled from unwanted items or purchased from ethical and sustainable sources. Each piece of timber, whether found on the beach, in woods or an off-cut that has been discarded, is to us a jewel awaiting transformation. Each piece is chosen, carved, shaped, joined or moulded into a beautiful and functional art or furniture piece.

Neil is a trained craftsman, skilled in joinery and fine furniture making. Combining these skills with his artistic eye, he now creates beautiful pieces for the catalogue and commissions. His creative eye and his love of wood and the natural environment from which it was formed leads him to create beautiful, functional and long lasting pieces.